The Gornys: Get A Helmet



The Gornys

The Gornys – Chicago Punk Rock

In 2006, The Gornys were formed in a room in the back of a dirty shack known as Bob Gorny’s Guitar Shop on the west side of Chicago. Following the breakup of the band Lucky Savage, Darian Pasika (Guitar/Vox), Myron Mandybur (Guitar/Vox)  and Billy “Blastoff” Sullivan (Bass/Vox) joined forces with Kelley Kauth (Drums) and formed a powerhouse of Chicago Punk Rock.

The band played dozens of shows through 2006 but Darian follows some opportunities to LA and The Gornys brought in guitarist Phil Valenti to take over leads. They recorded and released their 11-song CD “Get a Helmet” in 2008.

The same members are currently playing in a new project “The John Dohs” which formed in 2010 and has an EP scheduled for release in early 2011.